We are located approximately 3 hours Northeast of Dallas in
Southeastern Oklahoma.

We have several maps available:

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Approximate distance to Broken Bow from various
Miles          Time (hh:mm)
N. Dallas, Texas               190          3:00
Plano, Texas                    180          2:45
Oklahoma City, Ok.         270          3:30
Little Rock, Ark.              180          3:00
Texarkana, Texas             90          1:35
Shreveport ,Louisiana     156          3:00

Cedar Creek
Cabin Rentals
Reservations 214.228.3393

Lower Mt. Fork River
Broken Bow Lake
Note: We are on Choate Rd, but this does not appear in google maps, so we use the longitude/latitude; the last road in the directions will be "Unknown" - that is Choate Road.